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Recent Testimonials

I have worked with Don for several years at The College Board. Don has shown himself to smart, enthusiastic and diligent in his work habits. I was particularly impressed with the way Don managed our external business partner during a systems integration project. Don was in the vital role of liaison with our partner. He developed an engagement model that was a key factor in the success of the project. He made many personal sacrifices…including travel to the client site at inopportune times to ensure that we were successful. I would be glad to have Don on my team at any time.” - Bert Messam, Senior Director, Software Development, The College Board

“We have engaged Donald for both project management and process consulting services in the complex field of identity management. He has demonstrated superior capabilities to grasp our issues and needs, and to offer value by providing both service improvement recommendations and efficient project delivery.” - Don Robertson, Identity Management Manager, KPMG

"While at The College Board, Donald consistently provided high quality of work. Donald’s attention to detail and ability to navigate a complicated projects that impacted the daily availability of key research data gave a very clear foundation for the implementation team to develop and release a solution. Without the initial legwork provided by Donald, the project may have never gained the budgeting approval required to launch the much improved product." - Dan Denenberg, Executive Director, Enterprise Data Management, The College Board​

“Insightful, responsive, articulate, and passionable about technology are some of the qualities that make working with Don a pleasant experience.” - Anthony Chow, Data Integrator, Project Sherlock

"Donald Schier is a hard working and talented individual. While working with me at JPMorgan Chase, Donald and I worked on numerous client projects that required creativity, flexibility, quick thinking, and perseverance. Donald demonstrated these skills throughout each project and many times went above and beyond the call of duty. I can recall one sensitive client project that required Donald and I to work 36 hours straight to get it done. Important point to note here, the project wasn't Donald's. Donald offered his expertise to the project and helped me meet an important deadline. Without Donald's assistance, I would not have been able to complete the project." - Theodore R. Sanchious, Vice President, Global Treasury Management, JPMorgan Chase

“Donald worked on a technical team that built and supported the testing systems and environment needed to execute our engagement. Donald demonstrated sound technical skills coupled with a solid understanding of the functional activities that were being supported. This combination of skills was particularly important in helping to resolve and troubleshoot issues, as well as developing improved processes for the actual engagement effort. He was responsive to requests from the user community, and always had an upbeat attitude. Donald would make a good addition to any team.” - Christopher Black, Manager, KPMG

“I worked closely with Don at the College Board and I found him to be one of the most intelligent, professional, and hard-working individuals I've had the pleasure to collaborate with. He is an invaluable asset to any team.” - David Thompson, Senior Web Producer, The College Board

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