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High-impact organizations choose DJSC's expert implementation support services to further their mission.

DJSC, LLC has a long-proven history of successfully delivering complete end-to-end software systems for complex enterprises via the Accela Civic Platform that grows and evolves with your organization. With a diverse range of industry knowledge in land management, licensing, and permitting, we leverage our expertise and your business goals to develop strategies that streamline, innovate, and execute seamlessly integrated modern solutions. 


Practicing a "Transparency First" philosophy is our assurance that thoughtful collaboration and proactive engagement will create sustainable partnerships and stakeholder clarity and confidence throughout each phase of the project lifecycle.
We are a trusted advisor that serves public and private sector clients. Our Vendor Management Program will help you navigate the dynamic challenges of selecting IT resources that complement your organization. Whether sourcing, co-sourcing, or outsourcing, we provide risk and relationship management, multi-vendor oversight, performance tracking, and compliance.
The DJSC team looks forward to partnering with you on your next engagement. Contact Donald Schier to learn more about our solutions, for more information, or to get started today.


Accela Civic Platform

Project Leader in the enterprise rollout of the Accela Civic Platform to multiple States. We understand the importance of effective collaboration and transparency within departments, bureaus, and agencies to drive innovation and achievement.

Salesforce Development & Administration

Need to improve your CRM performance, but don't have the budget to hire a full-time administrator or developer? Take advantage of DJSC’s on-demand remote management, administrative, and development services to tactically deliver value for ongoing projects.

Jira Development & Administration

Promote transparency and real-time analysis of your projects with the proper configuration of Jira servers or cloud implementation.We customize workflows and transitions to meet your business needs.

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