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Strategic directional thinking for your business

Best-of-breed solutions aligned with ever-changing business models and emerging technology

Your business is dynamic, so your planning and forecasting should be as well

We create customized roadmaps for solutions that allow you to: 

  • Eliminate unnecessary complexity impacting your organization

  • Leverage and extend existing investments in applications.

  • Modernize IT infrastructure and enterprise systems.

  • Streamline operations and processes


Predictive Analytics

  • Statistics and modeling techniques

  • Future performance guarantee


Industry Insight

  • Catalyst for creating new value

  • Business-knowledge at your fingertips


Process Management

  • Process through optimization

  • Change through improvement and development


Risk Analysis

  • Identify and quantify uncertainties

  • Risk prioritization


While at The College Board, Donald consistently provided a high quality of work. Donald’s attention to detail and the ability to navigate complicated projects that impacted the daily availability of key research data gave a very clear foundation for the implementation team to develop and release a solution. Without the initial legwork provided by Donald, the project may have never gained the budgeting approval required to launch the much-improved product.

Dan Denenberg, Executive Director, Enterprise Data Management, the College Board​​

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