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We provide you with the resources that you need to help improve the quality of your business services. By completing these services, we help your business to grow and compete on the next level, without compromising the integrity of your company.


Unlike larger consulting firms that have a broad portfolio of clients, DJSC, LLC focuses on the mid-market and smaller clientele that expects the same level of service that the larger firms provide. Our size allows us to be more agile and responsive to the client requests, and to offer a more cost-friendly structure.

The group of consultants that will focus on your needs will bring the same knowledge and professionalism that you'd expect from a larger firm (mostly because nearly all of our consultants come from those larger firms), and will be dedicated to your project throughout its lifecycle.

With our energetic approach to your project, you won't be disappointed. We guarantee delivery of your project on budget, and on time, with the quality that you expect. We look forward to hearing more about your upcoming, or current, needs.


Accela Civic Platform Project Leadership

DJSC, LLC has been critically involved in the enterprise roll out of the Accela Civic Platform to multiple States. With key, hands-on understanding of the complexities that may present themselves during implementation of your business requirements, our team's experience allows for us to be proficient in configuring the package to align with your business needs.


Remote Salesforce Development & Administration

Want to improve your CRM performance, but don't have the budget to hire a full-time administrator or developer? Perhaps you can take advantage of one of the DJSC, LLC remote programs.


Remote JIRA Development & Administration

Promote transparency and real-time analysis of your projects with the proper configuration of a JIRA server or cloud implementation. DJSC can help to customize workflows and transitions to meet your business needs.


Data Migration Strategy

By working with your technology teams to understand legacy platforms and create updated strategy, DJSC, LLC will help allow your business to grow and adopt new technologies, and discover the quirks and nuances between systems so that your integrated platform performs as expected.


Cyber Security Consultation

Cyber attacks cause huge losses of time and money each year, whether they are aimed at government databases, financial institution networks, or personal computers. By working with DJSC to develop a comprehensive security plan for your organization, we can help to mitigate and prevent these attacks and intrusions.


Staff Augmentation

If your business has begun to grow rapidly, or you need a temporary influx of experienced resources, DJSC, LLC can provide you with the staffing needs to make your growth a success.

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